Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Its been a while....

Okay almost a month. Time sure flies when you're taking care of 2 crazy twins having fun.

Okay a recap to get us up to date. The nice weather has hit, but frankly its too hot for me. I'm a 80's kinda girl. Not so much a 90's kinda girl.

So with the nice weather comes camping, beaches and pools! Camping has been going well. The girls are sleeping halfway decent there, napping like good girls and aren't terrorizing everyone around like we thought they would.

We took them to the lake for the first time two weeks ago and as soon as Finley noticed the water she beelined in.......all the way up to her chest. No fear. None. Which FYI is freaking me out. So, there is no taking your eyes off her for one second while there.

Gillian didn't go in at first. She was very content playing in the sand near the water. I liked it that way too. Cindy and Sondra managed to get her in though and then there was no getting her out. So the girls LOVE the water. Alot! This makes me more excited for our trip to Maine next month though, it wouldn't be much fun having a beach house with two kids afraid of the sand or water now would it?!

When we're not at the camp or beach we are home, chilling out in our kiddie pool and playing with our water table! The girls love it, they play there for hours.

That's it for what we've been doing!

Gillian is still taking up a storm and saying all sorts of new words daily. She loves to read and Elmo is still her #1. Friend.

Finley has started trying to repeat things you say to her and does a TON of blabbering. I knew once she started she wouldn't stop and I have a feeling over the next month that kid isn't going to stop talking and will leave Gillian in the dust.

Oh and I'm sure everyone knows by now what an ice cream freak I am. I have the girls hooked now. Their new word is "Ice Cream"!

We ditched our high chairs in favor of a kid table. It was kinda crazy at first. They would have a hard time sitting down for a whole meal but they are getting better. Finley sits for the most part and Gillian gets up now and again. Either way it sure as heck beats those HUGE high chairs taking up my small kitchen! Also the girls are eating just about their whole meal with a fork! They are growing up too fast......way too fast!

So that's been the last 3 weeks, with the exception of today. Which is a whole different post in itself that I will get too.........

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