Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The crappy night from hell.

Last night was one of those nights where I stayed up extra late (2ish) to finish a book I was reading.

No sooner did I flip my kindle closed and turn over and Finley woke up crying. She doesn't generally wake up at night anymore unless she has a dirty diaper so I knew we couldn't ignore her. Gary went and got her, changed her diaper and tried to put her back to bed but she screamed blood murder and wouldn't go anywhere near her crib.

Her blood curdling shriek apparently scared the heck out of Gillian because she instantly woke up and started crying.

Now we have 2 babies up and upset. Off to the living room we went where we watched some Elmo and then I talked everyone into going back to bed (so I thought).

Finley went right to bed but Gillian just wouldn't. I finally went in and got her after about an hour of her whining in her room hoping that she would fall asleep in bed with us. But that was wishful thinking.....

Hours later (around 5:00am) Gary decided to load Gillian up in the minivan and drive until she fell asleep. Problem is we know as soon as we try to get her out she's going to wake up so Gary packed a pillow and blanket with him and off he went.

She fell asleep 30 seconds into the drive and Gary parked in the driveway and fell asleep on the bench in the back of the minivan.

While all this was happening Finley got up in hysteric's and had a HUGE dirty diaper. It was diarrhea. And she was not a happy camper.

I think I changed her about 20 times in 30 minutes. She had a awful diaper rash going on too from all the poopy's and was crying hysterically.

I called Gary, he ran inside, took Finn while I went and tried to get some sleep in the minivan. Because for some reason despite the fact is was 5:30 am still hadn't slept a wink I convinced myself I was going to work.

I finally fell asleep around 6ish and Gary called me at 6:30 freaking out that Finley needed to go to the ER because she was crying. Really Gary? Really? I mean, I know he's a dad (and a good one at that) but you don't take a kid to the ER because they are crying. He is such an over reactor when it comes down to them.....which FYI bothers me to no end. Can you tell?

So while he was freaking out about Finley he told me I had to wake up Gillian and bring her in because there was something seriously wrong with Finley....so i woke her up like an ass and then had 2 pissed babies in the house.

I called into work, made everyone some breakfast, changed 100 more diapers, and then we all went down for a nice nap, about 3 hours long.

Once we all got up everyone seemed more rested and happier. Finn's rash is looking better and now I'm just waiting for Gillian to get the hell. Probably tonight.

I should go to bed now huh? Since its 7 I figure I can get in a few good hours before someone wakes and ruins my night.

So that was my night. These are the nights that I feel like telling anyone who ever said to me "I always wanted twins" that they are freaking idiots. But I wouldn't change me changing 100 poopy diapers a night for the world!

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