Monday, June 13, 2011


Finley growled at me at least 6 times today. Like a dog....and loud. I have no idea where this new sound came from but its cracking me the heck up.

Also I have *almost* figured out how to tame Finley!

She is constantly resisting getting dressed, heading to the car, or going inside the house. Basically she fights you about everything.

The other day I started explaining to her why were getting dressed or doing whatever we were doing and all of a sudden she comes and sits in my lap to put her diaper on and clothes.

I tell her "Finley, you need to put a diaper and clothes on if you want to go outside and play" or "Finley you have to get dressed if you want to go visit Mema"

Then magic happens and she complies.

 This morning Gary was wrestling with her and I told him about it and sure enough. Good Finley emerges.

Crazy. She understands. Its so strange. She seems too little to rationalize with. Guess not though. It just amazes me that she actually understands what I'm telling her. Finally.

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Trish said...

I wish we lived closer, I have a feeling my girls would get along with yours! Charlotte is my Gillian, and Camille is my resister like your Finley. I've noticed that she has been paying more attention to my explanations lately as well...So nice to be able to rationalize. But then I'm sure they'll figure out how to ask "why" or argue back!!

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