Thursday, June 16, 2011

Say goodbye to the blondie

Finley's hair is getting darker by the minute. Its strange. Very strange. Not that I thought she would ever stay blonde, since both Gary and I have brown hair but its strange to see it change.

I'm excited though. I don't want the girls to be offense to any out there, but my dream was to have 2 girls with dark hair and beautiful blue eyes! Because then of course the dark hair makes the eyes look even more beautiful!

Now to wait and see what Gillian's does. Her's is pretty light, not sure. Time will tell I guess!

And that folks was my random ramblings of the day.


Mandy said...

One of my girls has ridiculously blonde hair, it's like corn silk! Apparently DH had the same and when he hit puberty it changed to dark brown in the course of a summer. I'm afraid that will happen and she'll look like a freak with two-tone hair!

I just can't wait for the girls to get more hair. It's at this awkward half grown-out stage. You can't do much with it and it's always in their face! I hate it!

Heather said...

LOL, I know what you mean. My hair color was blonde when I was little and it got darker as I got older.

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