Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Picky Eaters

You know how most kids would rather eat chicken nuggets, french fries or mac and cheese? Those are not my kids. kids are crazy. If I put chicken nuggets and green beans in front of them they will eat all the green beans and not touch the chicken nuggets.

I've been noticing this trend with them the past couple of weeks. Its getting worse. They eat every fruit and veggie I put in front of them and pick at everything else. Most people would think this was great. But me? I'm worried my girls aren't going to gain any weight only eating fruits and veggies!

Today I stopped offering fruits or veggies with every meal. I'm insane. Breakfast they had eggs and hashbrowns. They ate some of it, but not tons. Snack was grapes which they ate all of, lunch was hotdogs, macaroni salad and baked beans. Gillian loved the hotdogs, Its only the 2nd time she's had them, Finley was happy to pick her tomato out of her macaroni salad and ate a few hotdog piecesI decided to skip afternoon snack in hopes it would make them more hungry for dinner and I made chicken nuggets and mac and cheese for dinner. They both ate a ton. Thank goodness. I felt guilty not giving them something else with it though so for dessert we had strawberries. They ate a ton of them.

So now I'm lost. I don't want to feed them macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets! I want to feed them grilled chicken and veggies! I'm worried that I'm feeding my kids too healthy. Can you even do that?

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