Monday, April 11, 2011


Oh where to even begin with this girl? I laugh every single day when I think about how complete opposite Gillian and Finley are. I get they're obviously not going to have the same personalities, but I am amazed daily by them.

I think it gets me most because I seem to be having a real discipline issue with Miss Finn and Gillian is rarely a issue with her attitude.

Finley refuses to walk and hold any one's  hand. The only time she will hold your hand is if she's dragging you to show you something or to get you to do something. Never walking though. Forget about it.

We went to open the camper this weekend and I made the comment to my mother that if Finley was my 1st and only child, I would never have another. If Gillian was my 1st I would have a million more if they were just like her!

Now don't get me wrong, I love Finley, she's a sweetie but she doesn't listen. I'm hoping with a little "coaxing" she will.

Anyway, while at the campground we decided to take the girls for a walk. Gramma took Gillian and went on her merry way. I had Finley. Who instead of walking wanted to go up to the other camp sites and climb their stairs to their campers. So I had to grab her and take her away and she kicked, screamed, slapped me, and pitched the biggest fit on the planet. I brought her back to our site and waited for Gramma to come back with Gillian to accuse her of playing favorites!

Watching them walk together, with Gillian holding her hand and trotting alongside her it was easy to see why.......

I got a leash for the girls. Yep, the kind they wear and I can lead them around like dogs. Gillian will never need it but I thought it would be good to have while in busy places but Finn needs 10 leashes. I'm not sure she's even "leashable".

Gary and I keep saying we just need to break her. Like a wild horse. Thing is, I've never had a wild horse. I'm sure this will be harder than I think.

Despite the fact the kid is hard headed I love her to death. I see so much of my own personality in her it scares the daylights out of me. In a way I like that she's so "spirited" I don't think anyone will ever take advantage of her and she certainly won't be a push over! She'll go places with that attitude that's for sure!

When Finley isn't being "Miss Attitude" she is the polar opposite and is "Miss Helper". She LOVES to help. Give her some clothes to put in the hamper and she's all over it, tell her to hang up her jacket and she's running it to the door. Tell her to do ANYTHING and she does it for you. Its so funny to watch her, even after bath time she puts all the clothes in the hamper and then throws the diapers in the tub. I've tried to tell her they don't go there but she thinks they do so I pull them out after they go to bed every night.

She's even being nicer to Gillian. If she takes something from her I ask her to give it back and she goes and gives it right back to her with a smile on her face. Gillian still doesn't trust her though. When she tries to hug her she freaks and thinks she's trying to attack her and usually runs away. Oh well. Hopefully one day they get along well......


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