Monday, April 18, 2011

48 Pillowcases and 100 lotions

So, Seriously. My house hasn't had a good cleaning since........well before I became pregnant. Which was 2 years ago. So um yeah. It needs it. Bad!!

Not that I need to make excuses for my cluttered house but I was pregnant with twins! TWINS! You try carrying twins and having morning sickness until you're 18 weeks and want to clean your house! Yeah, thought so.

Of course after the girls were born the first year was all about survival and keeping my house clean wasn't part of that plan. Don't get me wrong, we do the dishes everyday, laundry, vacuum etc, but the real stuff like cleaning out closets, drawers, bathroom vanity's hasn't happened in a looooong time!

Now that spring has sprung Gary and I have tag teamed the house and are trying our hardest to "declutter" and clean the house as much as possible.

This past weekend we did the living room, girls bedroom, playroom, bathroom and kitchen. That included moving furniture, wiping down walls, and even cleaning cabinets, which in my world constitutes "real cleaning."

Today Gary tackled the breezeway which has become our catch room for anything and everything we aren't sure what to do with or don't have room for in the house. Kids toys, strollers, totes of baby clothes. Fun stuff. I came home today to it all cleared out.

Did I mention what a great husband I have?

Tonight I'm working on the hallway closet and its a mess. I've pulled everything out and needed a break. I can't figure out why we have so many pillow cases? Its insane? I don't think Gary and I have ever thrown one away in the decade we've been together so they sure have piled up! And lotions...... How many lotions does a girl need? Geez. I've been on a rampage throwing everything out and organizing.

There are still so many projects left on my list to accomplish. I hate it. I hate that my house has become this disorganized mess. I will not stop until every single closet, drawer and refrigerator top is cleaned!!

What about everyone else? Whats on your list for spring cleaning?

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Mandy said...

Spring floor refinishing! So excited! I hope I can get it done!!

Staying at home I started climbing the walls looking for stuff to do, so I tend to do real cleaning all the time now. Of course having two dogs and two kids in a tiny house necessitates a lot of cleaning on it's own.

Hope you get it all done!

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