Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The bite heard around the mall.....

So, did I mention Finley is the devil? Yeah well if not I'm telling you now. Devil Child. I love her to pieces anyway but she's definitely going through her terrible 2's or something early.

Today we went to the mall to look for Easter dresses for the girls. I nixed the whole thing after going to one store and decided they would wear the dresses I got them for my cousins wedding instead. Then I got this bright idea to go get their feet measured and look for some shoes for them for the summer.

I'm not sure why I try to torture myself, next time she'll just go shoelessm  but I did. She did pretty good to start. She let the nice shoe lady measure her feet and played in the kid play area while trying on a couple pairs. Then she got bored and realized there were hundreds of pairs of shoes around her.

Let the chaos commence. She started pulling the shoes off the shelves, and boxes down all while I chased behind her like a idiot "Finley, No, leave them there. Stop Finley. No Finley.Please Finley."

Finally after a few minutes of trying to reason with a 16 month old I grabbed her and picked her up. She was not happy. At all.

She started flailing and screaming. I held on to her tighter hoping it would calm her down and she would stop but instead of calming her down it sent her into a fit of rage and she bit the heck out of my shoulder. Not even my shoulder know that really tender part of your shoulder near your collar bone? Yeah that part. I wanted to scream. But I didn't.......I didn't want to give her the satisfaction.

So that was my afternoon. Great fun.

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