Thursday, May 6, 2010

"I am a very unhappy customer"

This is the call I got today at work (I run a billing department and get tons of crazy calls but this takes the cake today)

Mr. Crazy Pants: this the billing manager?

Me: Yes it is Sir, how can I help you?

Mr. Crazy Pants: This is Mr. Crazy Pants, A VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!

Me. Okay me Crazy Pants, Why are you A VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER?

Mr. Crazy Pants: I got 2 bills, well not 2 bills but my bill had 2 pages and it was mailed in 2 separate envelopes.....why?

Me: Let me get this straight Mr. Crazy are a VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER because we mailed you your bill in 2 envelopes rather than 1?

Mr. Crazy Pants: Yes, why did this happen??!!!!

Me: Well, we have a new girl that was helping our billing department this month. I have a feeling she didn't realize your bill had 2 pages to it and separated it by accident. I am very sorry this caused you to be a VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER, however everyone makes mistakes and I am sure hers wasn't intentional........

Mr. Crazy Pants......*silence*.......well, I still don't like it, but okay.

Me: Okay Mr. Crazy Pants I hope the rest of your day goes better! Have a good one!

Seriously? What is wrong with this man? He is 90 years would think he had something better to do with his time than call me complaining about ridiculous things? I felt like telling him to go live his last 10 years more positively instead of calling me bitching about nothing!!! To think he wasted 5 minutes of his life on me.......hmph.


Quadmama said...

I am still rolling my eyes. I work part-time at a retail store and often work the customer service desk. You wouldn't BELIEVE how often Mr. and Mrs. Cranky Pants come to my store. Well, actually, based on your post, I bet you would!

Anonymous said...

This is the most hysterical thing ever! I ABSOLUTELY NEEDED THIS TODAY, THANK YOU! Sondra

The D-G's said...

He probably just wanted someone to talk to. As a certified member of the Crazy-Pants family, I know that sometimes the more senior members tend to need a friendly, understanding friend once in awhile. You've met Mema... right? :)

Mama Mandolin said...

Ugh! People will find ANYTHING to complain about! I probably wouldn't have kept my cool LOL :)

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