Sunday, February 28, 2010


So about a month ago after sticking pacifiers back in babies mouths half the night I went on a quest for something that would keep that pacifier in! Duct tape came to mind first but after deciding the girls probably wouldn't like it I started looking on for something to help me out. I never expected to find anything, but I came across Wubbanubs and after a hour of trying to decide who would want what one I ordered 2 of them! I got the monkey and the bear one.

They have been a godsend! They rest on the girls belly while they are lying down and help hold their pacifiers in. The good thing about them is they can still spit them out easily but once they do they stay within reach so they can just open their mouths back up and grab them again. They are starting to grab at them too which I think is adorable and are starting to pull them towards their mouths. I went into the room the other day and Gillian was hugging hers sleeping. So cute. The only downside to these pacifiers is they are obviously not as easy to clean because of the stuffed animal attached and for that reason this is strictly a "crib paci" also with my 2 toy loving dogs around it probably wouldn't last more than 10 minutes out in the open in this house! So all in all I give the Wubbanubs 4 stars!

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