Friday, February 26, 2010

Selling the Cloth Diapers........yep, never used, brand freaking new cloth diapers

So I had good intentions thats for sure but I decided to just get rid of the cloth diapers I have while the thought is still in my mind and before I end up packing them away and forgetting about them. I decided to originally sell them because I wanted a new diaper bag and Gary was giving me dirty looks about how expensive it was. I still have some left if anyone is interested! I have 8 Bum Genius and at least a dozen Rocky Mountains that I am looking to get rid of. Never used, already washed ready to go for $15.00 each!


Mandibula said...

Which bum genius do you have? I'm looking for one size 3.0.

Erin said...

yep those are the ones i have!

Mandibula said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
StaCey said...

'you decided'

I believe it was your brilliant nieces idea.

your welcome :)

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