Friday, February 5, 2010

Mommy's do it better

So Gary stays home with the girls during the day and when I call him in the afternoon he acts like they are the worst children on the planet. They are never bad for me. I mean, Gillian cries to be held alot, but even she is becoming more independent and learning to play on her playmat without fussing. I just dont know if he is looking for sympathy from me or what but he's not getting it. I personally think he is exagerating! He drops them off for a hour with my girlfriend everyday (there is a hour gap between when he leaves for work and I get home) and she says they are angels compared to her daughter who is 2 weeks younger than the girls. So I think that either he just isn't good at multi-tasking (well, I dont need to think about that really, he's not) or he is just trying to make it seem worse than it is for my sympathy?? Hm. Wonder which one it really is? Maybe the girls just like me better? Deep down inside I am hoping that is the case.......boy I'm evil.

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Mandibula said...

We have the same issue. I know my husband is clueless. That sounds mean, but he is either too loose or too rigid with any type of schedule I give him. 6 months later he still doesn't know their cries. His answer is to put them to bed all the time, then wonders why they won't take actual naps! It has gotten easier for him the more mobile and interactive they are, they seem to engage him and stick to the schedule I set.

Hopefully your hubby just needs time to get the hang of things.

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