Sunday, December 13, 2009

My body 2 weeks post partum

So when I found out I was pregnant with twins the first thing I thought about driving out of that office was Oh my goodness my poor poor body! LOL! Pathetic right? When I found out I was pregnant with the girls I weighed in at 153lbs. When I gave birth to the girls I weighed in at 202lbs. Not a horrible weight gain when I think about what it could have been but too much for my liking! It has been strange to watch my body transform after the babies got here. I am only 2 weeks PP and have managed to lose 41 pounds already. I am starting to feel normal again! I only have 8 more pounds to go before I am back at my starting weight, which is still on the high side for me, I prefer the 140's but I gained about 10lbs from IVF.

So, I always scoured the internet for pics of twin bellies after birth so I figured I would post mine in case anyone was wondering.........

I am hoping to lose the rest of the "pooch" after my doc gives me the clear to start working out ( I have some work out DVD's calling my name as I type) and hopefully the stretch marks will start to fade over time. But you know, even if they dont I honestly dont care. I grew two beautiful little girls in that belly and am darn proud of it!


Mandibula said...

Gorgeous! I wish I looked that good 5 months later....My wii fit lectured me about how dangerous it was to loose weight too fast LOL!

Kristi H said...

Wow! You look fabulous! Your weight story sounds exactly like mine! Just thought I'd let ya know that losing weight while raising two babies is SO much easier than before babies! 10 months PP, I'm 22 pounds less than when I got PG! Your girls are just precious! Congrats again!

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