Friday, December 11, 2009

Girls first bath!

So since Finley lost her umbilical stump yesterday we decided we would give her a bath today before bed. Sometimes I wish Gary and I had taken a newborn care class so we had a clue sometimes! So after much debate on whether or not the water was too hot or cold (I wish we had one of those duckies that you stick in the water that tells you if its the right temp or not)we got up the nerve to put her in. And it was that moment that I had pictured being all giggles and smiles turned into nothing but cries. Oh well, guess everything can't be as imagined right? So we gave her the bath really quick and that was that. Here is a picture of her afterwards in her cute pooh bear towel thing that her Auntie Cheryl got her (maybe in 3 months when she puts on some weight she wont be swimming in it)

Finley's First Bath:

The we decided to just give Gillian and sponge bath:

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Jennifer said...

I am soooo in love with them!

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