Thursday, December 10, 2009

First doctors appointment and little sleep

So last night everything was going well until about 2:30 am and then the fun began. Gillian decided she wanted to fuss all night long for no apparent reasson except to be held. I finally ended up just taking her into the bed with me and she fell right to sleep and didn't make another noise until morning. Finley on the other hand slept the whole night.

So after the fun night we had a doctors appointment at 8:15am. All went well. The dcotor was nice and the girls have gained since they were in the hospital so the doctor was happy about that!

Tomorrow I have to go for a blood pressure check at my OB's office so we will be taking the girls out to go visit the doc and the girls at the office!

Here are some more pics of the cutie pies!

Sleeping together


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Melanie said...

Hi Erin! I don't know if you remember me but I was in a buddy group with you on TWW. I finally remembered to check your blog. I am so pleased to see you carried the girls to full-term and basically had no problems. Ha! The girls are gorgeous and I love their names. I hope things are going well with your family of four. I will pray you adjust and are able to get some much needed rest! If you would like to keep in touch, you can reach me at TWW under gatorrn or email me at Best wishes! Sincerely, Melanie :)

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