Thursday, December 3, 2009

Babies tomorrow! I'm gonna be a MOM!!

This is definatly the most surreal feeling ever! I am going to be a mom two girls! My life as I know it is going to change forever. Its crazy!

I am however freaking out about my section! I am trying not to but its so darned hard! I hate the fear of the unknown! I know after the fact I am going to say I was insane for being so freaked out but for now.......freak out!!!

So tomorrow at 7:30am I am going to get to the hospital and get preped for my section! They said the section is scheduled for 11 but could be sooner depending on how the morning goes. So, if everyone would start praying for me that would be great! Lol. I am going to be a wreck!

I'll be posting pics as soon as I am lucid enough! Can't wait to meet my baby girls!


StaCey said...

I'm so excited for you, Erin!!!
It's 10:22 and I haven't stopped thinking about you or Gary or the girls once in the past 24 hours I don't think!
Nobody has kept me in the loop as to what is happening this morning yet lol. :( but I'll be seeing you soon!
I'm praying for all of you and so so happy for you!
You've done great so far and your gonna be a FANTASTIC mom!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeek- I can't believe they're FINALLY COMING!!!!!!!!!
<3 Love you!

Melissa Ann said...

Congratulations! Welcome to the twin adventure :D

Mandibula said...

Congrats sweetie! You're gonna love it!!

Kristi Hutton said...

Congrats!! You are so blessed! And I have to say that twin girls are the only way to go... I am one and I have two! :)

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