Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Potty time

A couple months ago I decided I was going to try the "3 Day Potty Training" with the girls. Basically it tells you to put them in big girl undies, and then remind them 1000 times a day not to get their undies wet. You need to stay with them every second of the day and as you see them having an accident run them to the bathroom.

It was a nightmare. I never cleaned up so much pee in my life. And in the process I traumatized Finley. I mean, I almost thought I needed to put her in therapy-TRAUMATIZED.

After a day of me telling her to keep her undies dry she took that to the max and refused to pee.....anywhere. She wouldn't go in her undies and didn't want to go on the potty so she held it. For 10-12 hours. I put her back in a diaper as soon as I realized how she was reacting. She didn't care. She still refused to go.

It was so bad she was refusing to walk if she had to go because she knew it would make her go, she was crawling on the floor like a 8 month old! I had a nervous freaking breakdown in the process and the only way I could get her to go to the bathroom was putting her in the tub. I even called the pediatrician who must have thought I was a real wacko.

Finally after me reassuring her it was okay to pee in her diaper a million times she finally started going in the diaper again.

Now through this I have to mention Gillian was doing great going on the potty. But Finley freaked at the sight of Gillian in undies so I put her back in a diaper too.

Fast forward a month and suddenly Finley is telling Gary she has to go Pee Pee. He asks her if she wants to go on the potty and she says "YES" and books for the bathroom, pee's in her potty and never looks back. That was weeks ago and she's been going in it ever since. Insane. I never thought she would just do it on her own. She's such a big girl. We got a seat that has a child seat built into it so all she has to do is flip it down and she goes on the big potty. Its awesome. I can't wait until they are both out of diapers!

Gillian refuses to go on it, but I don't care. She can go when she's ready. I've learned they will do it when they are ready!! That will be the last time I push potty training ever again!

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