Monday, March 5, 2012

First time for everything

Saturday we went to an Open House for a preschool I wanted to check out for the girls. I was in a rush to get there before it ended and was rushing around like a maniac at home. We got there just in time and the girls loved it, they were having a great time doing crafts and checking the place out when suddenly Gillian got a very concerned look on her face and started walking towards Gary very slowly.

Gary noticed the front of her pants looked wet but couldn't figure out how she could pee that much that it would leak out of her diaper. He grabbed her and went to go check her diaper and there wasn't one! Apparently I'd lost my mind and dressed her without a diaper?

Thankfully it was one of the rare days I carried a extra set of clothes in the diaper bag.

On a side note, we signed the girls up for the preschool. They will start in Sept and go 2 days a week for the first year. When they are 4 we will probably send them 3 days a week. People always tell you "don't blink" when you have kids. Its true. I can remember being pregnant with them like it was yesterday. Now I am signing them up for preschool. Its surreal. I'm excited for them to have fun and learn new things but sad that I can feel their babyness slipping away. It almost makes me want another......

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