Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No, it doesn't get easier.....

Someone recently said to me she was looking forward to her twins being older and things getting easier and I couldn't help but laugh hysterically.

I remember when the girls were first born and I thought my life was insane. Oh to go back to the days when they laid around like lumps and demanded to be fed and slept all day......those were the freaking days.

When my main worry was whether or not they were going to sleep through the night that particular night or not.

When my biggest complaint was I felt "bored" because all they did was nothing all day!

Now don't get me wrong, the sleepless nights sucked. You can go back and reread my blog from 2010 and 2011 (because yes, my girls didn't start sleeping through the night until they were nearly 2) and see exactly what I was up against at night but compared to today those days were cake walks!

My days are no longer boring. There actually isn't a minute where I actually get to sit or relax until the girls go to bed.

My day today went something like this:

8:30 Every one's up and soaking wet. Changed everyone clothes, got Gillian a new diaper and Finley on the potty.

8:45 Breakfast is started, coffee is made and I attempt to pee and brush my teeth in peace. That is quickly interrupted by Finley screaming she wants to brush her teeth on the other side of the door.

8:50 Finley is brushing her teeth and Gillian decides she needs to next, despite the fact I've told them they need to eat breakfast first.....no reasoning with a 2 year old I guess?

8:55 Breakfast is served and I attempt to sit down and drink some coffee while they eat. This is impossible because Finley is upset she has yogurt on her hands and Gillian wants milk. Try to tell Finley she can wash her hands after she's done and she starts crying, Wash her hands. Gillian still wants milk and I've tried telling her she can have some after her breakfast but she screams. Get her milk.

9:20 Breakfast is over, I unload the dishwasher while they watch cartoons. Can't reload it though because Finley decides she's going to help load it and by "help" I mean put all the dishes in their wrong spots in the dishwasher and then complain that her hands got dirty.Wash Finley's hands.

9:40 Throw a pork shoulder in the crock pot for pulled BBQ pork sandwiches tonight.

9:45 Strip the girls beds. Remake them with the girls help.....which FYI isn't help. You try making 2 beds with 1 kid pulling it down the wrong way over the mattress and the other jumping on the bed! All while the one who is kind of helping is screaming and trying to attack the one who is jumping on the bed.

10:00 What happened to that coffee anyway? Go downstairs to start a load of laundry only to look around and realize you have 20 loads that need to be done, 5 that need to be folded and put away and 2 kids running amuck upstairs unattended. Screw folding the laundry. Don't worry, I can stay up until midnight after they go to bed finishing up.

10:15 Pick up the house.

10:45 Load the dishwasher, turn around and think "didn't I just pick up this house"

11:00 Kids are yelling they are hungry and its "Eat Time" ask them what they want but no one can tell me. Do you want this? No. This? No. This? No. Until I finally give up and feed them turkey, string cheese and green beans. Take it or leave it guys....

11: 10 They decide to leave it and feed most of it to the dog.

11:30 They are complaining they are hungry again. Give them a snack.

11:40 I'm hungry so I make myself a sandwich and pretzels. They decide my food looked better than theirs and proceed to climb into my lap and eat all my pretzels and pick at my sandwich until its demolished and inedible.

11: 50 diaper changing time and Naps.

Only my two rarely take naps so this is where my day goes down hill. I still require "quiet" time so they go in their rooms and fight for a couple of hours where I come in every 15 minutes and tell them to get back in their beds or their movie is going off.....over and over and over again.

Until 2:00......

After they get up its usually insane from here on out. Mostly breaking up fights because both are overtired but won't sleep. Putting the offending child in timeout after timeout.

Playing puzzle after puzzle, house, coloring, and singing songs.

Trying to make dinner with 2 kids fighting under you and tripping over the dog at the same time. More playing and refereeing fights, more timeouts, baths and finally bed!

After bed unfortunately my day doesn't end, it actually starts. I'm left cleaning up the aftermath and catching up on everything I can't do during the day. Which is everything!

Despite the insanity, I love my life. I wouldn't ask for it to be even the slightest bit different. My kids are at an age where they say the funniest things and keep me laughing all day long. Even when they are slapping each other I have to keep a straight face. I love their spunky personalities, I love that I have them both, and I love that they have each other!

And I am grateful to have a husband who makes enough money to support the family so I can stay home with my baby girls!

So let this be a warning of sorts to all the twin moms out there with newborns.......it doesn't get easier. It gets more insane!! But when the day is said and done you will sit back and smile, trust me!

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Anonymous said...

Noooooooo! My boys are nearly 5 months old and I'm so guilty of saying I'm bored, or I can't wait until they're older and want to play.

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