Thursday, July 29, 2010

Helmet Time!

Yep, you read it right. Finley needs a helmet. We went to Children's this morning and the doc said she would benefit greatly from we have a appointment on August 17th to get her fitted for it.

Besides that fun fact, I got my rings back from the jewelers today too! So I am officially married again! Man I missed my bling!

And poor Finley has a stomach virus of some sort. Poor honey. She has a fever and diarrhea and a horrible diaper rash from her yucky diapers. I feel horrible for her.

Pray she gets better fast and then of course Gillian will get it and then I can disenfect my house!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Poor crooked headed kid

Well, I said I would wait until Finn turned 8 months to make another appointment for her at Childrens for her flat head and unfortuantly she is just about 8 months now and its still not right.

It has a flat spot on the right side. It has certainly improved, and I am sure it will continue to but I need to be on the safe side and ensure she has a perfectly round head. So, Gary called Childrens today and they can get her in tomorrow for 10:30! How quick was that!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7 Month Recap

This has been a HUGE month for the girls! It is so exciting to watch them learn something new each day. I just love it!


Gillian and Finley got both their top teeth
Gillian started crawling
Finley started clapping
Both started sitting up without assistance

Both the girls have been eating finger foods here and there! So far they have had Chicken, squash, zucchini, blueberry and banana pancakes, macaroni salad, potato's, beans, hamburger, cheese, brownie (Gillian loved it, Finley didn't want a 2nd piece) puffs, mum-mums, yogurt melts, bitter biscuits, and watermelon.

They also started yogurt this month and they LOVE it. I think they could eat it everyday for breakfast. They also have been eating stage 3 baby foods and drinking with their sippy cups!

They are both in 6-9 month clothes, love the pool and screeching on the top of their lungs!

Oh and Finley finally learned how to get around in her wheely car and now she is running around like a crazy girl in it.

That about sums up the month. It was a big one for us! Can't wait to see what next month brings! Will Gillian be close to walking? Will Finley start crawling? How many more teeth will they have? Will they say Mama (they better) before Dada?!

Only time will tell!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Crawling and surviving tornado's!

Gillian is officially crawling! She started a few weeks ago with getting up on her knees and rocking, then she started throwing herself forward and then scooting her knees up again and then throwing herself forward again but she is officially moving her legs and her arms!

She is hysterical the way she moves her arms though. She makes these huge exaggerated movements with them when she does it. Very cute!

And Finley started to clap! She looks so cute when she does it (of course with a smile) and I just want to eat her up!

Also this past Wednesday I got home from work and the news had a tornado warning flashing. Now if you live in Ct you know we get these pretty often. I brushed it off as usual and went on my merry way.

Then as I was listening to the news they said someone had spotted a tornado, now I am thinking this is a whole different ball game and start running around the house grabbing emergency stuff for the girls and I. Then I grabbed both the girls out of their cribs (somehow at once, because there was no way I was leaving one behind in a tornado) and ran downstairs to the basement with them and the dogs!

After all was said and done our city was hit pretty good, but luckily it missed us. We did lose power though, and had no A/C or phone or cell service for about 17 hours but we made it through!

Thank goodness!

Monday, July 19, 2010

No Potty for Da-Da.....from the Daddy Dilemma Diaries.

So Gary calls me this afternoon with a confused tone.....but he doesn't come right out with his dumb question of the day. Instead he asks me if I noticed that when I was pregnant there were a ton of pregnant people, now that I am not he never sees them.

Hm, really Gary?

Then comes the question.

Gary: So, I had my first real dilemma today?

Me: A dilemma huh? What kind of a dilemma?

Gary: Well, I was out with the girls at home depot and had to go to the bathroom.

Me: So just bring them in with you....

Gary: In the bathroom? What if I had to do #2?

Me: Don't they have handicap stalls you can fit the stroller in?

Gary: Um, I don't know..........I just went home. really, after thinking he was nuts for not taking 7 month olds in the bathroom it got me thinking. What if they were 3 and he had to go? He can't take my girls into a bathroom with guys standing at urinals with their "things" hanging out? What is he supposed to do? Surely that would traumatize them?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Helmet Head Part II

Ugh!!!!!!!! So if you have been following my blog you know Finley had Torticollis and because of it ended up with "right side flatheadedness" (yeah that is the real medical term for it). So we took her to Children's when she was 4 months old and the doc seemed to think it would fix itself. They took a bunch of pics of her head and sent us on our merry way.

They told us to come back when she was 6 months and said they would call to make a appt for her.

Well....I never heard from them about her appt. UNTIL a few days after she turned 6 months and there was a message on my voicemail confirming her follow up appointment at Children's for the following day. NO one ever called to tell me about the freaking appointment so I had to call and cancel since I didn't know about it until the day before.

I decided to hold off a couple months to see how it would get now that she sleeps on her side, sits up and isn't on her back all day. It is looking WAY better than it did but its still not right. I think I am going to give her until she turns 8 months and then call them again and go in for the follow up. I sure hope my pumpkin isn't going to end up with a helmet. If she does though at least it will be for the fall and not the hot summer........keep your fingers crossed for her. Hopefully it keeps getting better now that she is off it so much!

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth....

So both the girls got one of their top teeth! Gillian got her right one (well facing me right) and Finley got her left one! Which probably explains their non-sleeping night from hell last weekend!!

Also Finley started wheeling around in her walky car a few days ago. It is hysterical to see both the girls in them at the same time. Finley can't figure out how to walk in it though, so she just pushes off of both her feet at the same time until it moves. Gillian flies in hers and rams into Finn's. Then she backs up and gets a good headstart and rams her again. It is too funny. Finley thinks she's funny too so that's all that matters I guess! As long as no one ends up with whiplash and I have occupied babies for 10 minutes I am a happy mommy!

The dogs on the other hand have had it with babies in wheely cars! Poor Poor Harley. He just wants to go lay down near the door and Gillian starts at one end of the hallway and goes flying down it right at him and rams him. Harley jumps up, runs away and tries to find another spot to sleep......Gillian keeps chasing him down. Today I actually called the poor guy into our room and up on our bed where I knew she couldn't get him!

Even Tess who just LOVES attention is running and dodging them. I wonder what it is going to be like when they start walking? Poor dogs.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bean, Bean the Beauty Queen.

Gillian is such a freaking cutie pie sometimes. Today she was being a ham so I took advantage of it! Unfortunately, Finley was sleeping so I couldn't get both of them together in their cute outfits.......bummer.

Took the plunge!

I dropped off my rings today to be resized. The lady said they may not be able to do it because my engagement ring has baguettes going down the sides and my wedding band is a channel setting with diamonds all around it. GREAT! I wanted to go a whole size up from a 6 1/2 to a 7 1/2 but the lady seems to think that in the winter and if I lose more weight they will be flying off my fingers. Errr. So I opted for the 7. And I wanted to get them Rodium dipped (to make them pretty and shiny again) and I had 4 loose stones on my wedding band that need to be tightened before they come popping out. So hopefully they can size them......if not I guess I will just have to lose this damn weight. Stupid fat fingers!

Gary suggested "finger thining surgery", like a tummy tuck for your fingers. Wonder if they have that? If not I think I may have to suggest it!

So after all is said and done it is going to cost me about $300.00 to have my rings back in perfect shape and size and then I can be married again! Yippee! Also while I was there I priced out some diamond earrings for the girls! I really really want to get them a pair.

Sondra knows someone who is a diamond dealer (or something like that) so hopefully they can get me a better deal than what they were charging at the jewelers!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Camping......I despise you.

So we are seasonals at a campground, it really is a beautiful campground! It has a big lake, all wooded, beautiful sites.........but there is a glitch. MY KIDS!

They are terrors at night. Terrors I tell you!

Friday night went a little something like this;

10:00 Pm. Mommy goes to bed.

10:30 Gillian wakes up screaming, but refuses to eat

10:40 Finley wakes up screaming, but refuses to eat also.

10:42 Mommy screams at Daddy........(oops) to help out and grab a crying baby.

10: 50 After a few minutes of no luck we decided to load the girls up in the minivan and take a ride to have them fall back asleep.

11:10 Arrive at McDonalds for a late night iced coffee and McFlurry (totally busted my WW with that 12pt piece of goodness)

11:30 Arrive back to the campground with 2 sleeping babies. Decide to let them sleeping the car for a bit before we try to bring them back in the camper.

11:40 Both babies wake up crying.......back to driving around.

11:45 Driving and freaking out because there are frogs in the road EVERYWHERE!!! I kept jumping out to chase frogs out of the middle of the road, Gary kept yelling at me for stopping to chase frogs.

12:00 AM Babies asleep again and are headed back to the campground. This time we decide its probably a better idea to just sleep in the minivan with them (don't ask me why).

Gary takes the bench seat (selfish ass) and I take the front seat and sprawl myself out over both the drivers seat and passenger seat with a small throw blanket and a diaper bag as my pillow.........did I mention Gary is a selfish ass?

12:40 Babies wake up again, I drive to the end of the road and back.....dodging frogs and babies are back asleep.......I resume my front seat sleeping escapades (did I mention I have yet to fall asleep in the front seat because I am too uncomfy and my asshole husband-who is obviously comfy- is snoring in the back seat)

1:30 Babies up again......replay all of above.......I am getting more pissed at this point.

2:30 Babies up again and I am ripping pissed!!! Not at my babies. Obviously there is something bugging them but my husband is irking me BECAUSE HE TOOK THE BENCH SEAT TO SLEEP!!!!

Okay I'm clearly over that part.

So I storm inside and open my mom and dads room door (didn't think I could find naked parents......oh what a scary thought) and said "MOM, I'm going home, the babies are freaking out, I'm sleeping in the minivan and I can't take it anymore" to which she responds "Okay".

So we drive a hour back home, to get the girls in their cribs......they fell asleep instantly. They stayed asleep for what was left of the night.

Gary and I slept for about 3 hours until the girls got up again and then we drove back up to the campground to resume our great camping experience.

Gary and I brainstormed and decided they hate their Pack and Plays. So we took them out and decided the girls would sleep in bed with us. The second night they slept through the night. Go freaking figure but Thank goodness!! No more pack and plays. They can sleep with us while we are there until they are big enough to sleep in their own bed! I can't deal with that kind of night again!

So that was my Friday night.........hope you all had a better one!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rock a bye bye baby!

Gillian is getting up on all 4's and starting to rock. I am in denial, this is all happening too fast. I want my bitty babies back. The ones that relied on me for everything.....where did they go?

At this rate she is going to be crawling in no time. She is also trying to pull herself up on things and sitting like a pro now. So grown up.

Finley is rolling in all directions like a champ but that's about it for her. I am sure she's not far behind Gillian though!

Pretty soon I will blink my eyes and these two will be walking! Ahhhhh!!!!!

4th of July Pics!

So the 4th was tons of fun! We went to Aunty Cheryls and had a picnic and hung out in the pool. The girls had a blast and looked adorable (as usual).

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