Friday, July 16, 2010

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth....

So both the girls got one of their top teeth! Gillian got her right one (well facing me right) and Finley got her left one! Which probably explains their non-sleeping night from hell last weekend!!

Also Finley started wheeling around in her walky car a few days ago. It is hysterical to see both the girls in them at the same time. Finley can't figure out how to walk in it though, so she just pushes off of both her feet at the same time until it moves. Gillian flies in hers and rams into Finn's. Then she backs up and gets a good headstart and rams her again. It is too funny. Finley thinks she's funny too so that's all that matters I guess! As long as no one ends up with whiplash and I have occupied babies for 10 minutes I am a happy mommy!

The dogs on the other hand have had it with babies in wheely cars! Poor Poor Harley. He just wants to go lay down near the door and Gillian starts at one end of the hallway and goes flying down it right at him and rams him. Harley jumps up, runs away and tries to find another spot to sleep......Gillian keeps chasing him down. Today I actually called the poor guy into our room and up on our bed where I knew she couldn't get him!

Even Tess who just LOVES attention is running and dodging them. I wonder what it is going to be like when they start walking? Poor dogs.

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