Monday, July 19, 2010

No Potty for Da-Da.....from the Daddy Dilemma Diaries.

So Gary calls me this afternoon with a confused tone.....but he doesn't come right out with his dumb question of the day. Instead he asks me if I noticed that when I was pregnant there were a ton of pregnant people, now that I am not he never sees them.

Hm, really Gary?

Then comes the question.

Gary: So, I had my first real dilemma today?

Me: A dilemma huh? What kind of a dilemma?

Gary: Well, I was out with the girls at home depot and had to go to the bathroom.

Me: So just bring them in with you....

Gary: In the bathroom? What if I had to do #2?

Me: Don't they have handicap stalls you can fit the stroller in?

Gary: Um, I don't know..........I just went home. really, after thinking he was nuts for not taking 7 month olds in the bathroom it got me thinking. What if they were 3 and he had to go? He can't take my girls into a bathroom with guys standing at urinals with their "things" hanging out? What is he supposed to do? Surely that would traumatize them?


Kellie said...

Hi Erin,
I had to comment on your post. I don't know how I found your blog, but I found it ages ago when I was pregnant -- also with twins born in December (mine are boy/girl). I log on every now and then to see how your girls are doing. I also live in CT, and I had my babies through IVF at UConn.

I had to laugh at your hubby in Home Depot. I have one other child, a daughter who is now 8, and most of the time we go out at as a family. Last year, my husband had some free UConn football tickets, and he thought about taking my daughter. Of course, I ended up squashing the whole outing when I asked him: "What will you do if she has to go to the bathroom?" Silence. And he decided not to bring her because he literally didn't know what to do! I could only picture all those drunk guys peeing all over the place in the bathroom, and my poor daughter being tainted for life. Lord knows she wasn't familiar with "boy parts" until my boy twin was born.

Most malls and rest areas have those family bathrooms, which I guess makes it easier for guys, but I sympathize with your dilemna and don't have an answer either!

Good luck with your babies!

Erin said...

Wow how strange! We were both at Uconn at the same time!

Too funny about your husband trying to take your daughter to the Uconn game! Sometimes guys just dont think!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have talked about that same problem several times. I always wonder what everyone else does.

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