Monday, July 12, 2010

Camping......I despise you.

So we are seasonals at a campground, it really is a beautiful campground! It has a big lake, all wooded, beautiful sites.........but there is a glitch. MY KIDS!

They are terrors at night. Terrors I tell you!

Friday night went a little something like this;

10:00 Pm. Mommy goes to bed.

10:30 Gillian wakes up screaming, but refuses to eat

10:40 Finley wakes up screaming, but refuses to eat also.

10:42 Mommy screams at Daddy........(oops) to help out and grab a crying baby.

10: 50 After a few minutes of no luck we decided to load the girls up in the minivan and take a ride to have them fall back asleep.

11:10 Arrive at McDonalds for a late night iced coffee and McFlurry (totally busted my WW with that 12pt piece of goodness)

11:30 Arrive back to the campground with 2 sleeping babies. Decide to let them sleeping the car for a bit before we try to bring them back in the camper.

11:40 Both babies wake up crying.......back to driving around.

11:45 Driving and freaking out because there are frogs in the road EVERYWHERE!!! I kept jumping out to chase frogs out of the middle of the road, Gary kept yelling at me for stopping to chase frogs.

12:00 AM Babies asleep again and are headed back to the campground. This time we decide its probably a better idea to just sleep in the minivan with them (don't ask me why).

Gary takes the bench seat (selfish ass) and I take the front seat and sprawl myself out over both the drivers seat and passenger seat with a small throw blanket and a diaper bag as my pillow.........did I mention Gary is a selfish ass?

12:40 Babies wake up again, I drive to the end of the road and back.....dodging frogs and babies are back asleep.......I resume my front seat sleeping escapades (did I mention I have yet to fall asleep in the front seat because I am too uncomfy and my asshole husband-who is obviously comfy- is snoring in the back seat)

1:30 Babies up again......replay all of above.......I am getting more pissed at this point.

2:30 Babies up again and I am ripping pissed!!! Not at my babies. Obviously there is something bugging them but my husband is irking me BECAUSE HE TOOK THE BENCH SEAT TO SLEEP!!!!

Okay I'm clearly over that part.

So I storm inside and open my mom and dads room door (didn't think I could find naked parents......oh what a scary thought) and said "MOM, I'm going home, the babies are freaking out, I'm sleeping in the minivan and I can't take it anymore" to which she responds "Okay".

So we drive a hour back home, to get the girls in their cribs......they fell asleep instantly. They stayed asleep for what was left of the night.

Gary and I slept for about 3 hours until the girls got up again and then we drove back up to the campground to resume our great camping experience.

Gary and I brainstormed and decided they hate their Pack and Plays. So we took them out and decided the girls would sleep in bed with us. The second night they slept through the night. Go freaking figure but Thank goodness!! No more pack and plays. They can sleep with us while we are there until they are big enough to sleep in their own bed! I can't deal with that kind of night again!

So that was my Friday night.........hope you all had a better one!


Christina said...

Wow. I'm so more camping for the babies!!!

Mim said...

Ok, let's clarify...parents NOT naked. Babies will learn to like camping, and last, only a sleep-deprived-crazy-chick herds frogs!!!

Erin said...

Oh no! Parents not naked! I would have gouged my eyes out!!!

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