Monday, July 26, 2010

Crawling and surviving tornado's!

Gillian is officially crawling! She started a few weeks ago with getting up on her knees and rocking, then she started throwing herself forward and then scooting her knees up again and then throwing herself forward again but she is officially moving her legs and her arms!

She is hysterical the way she moves her arms though. She makes these huge exaggerated movements with them when she does it. Very cute!

And Finley started to clap! She looks so cute when she does it (of course with a smile) and I just want to eat her up!

Also this past Wednesday I got home from work and the news had a tornado warning flashing. Now if you live in Ct you know we get these pretty often. I brushed it off as usual and went on my merry way.

Then as I was listening to the news they said someone had spotted a tornado, now I am thinking this is a whole different ball game and start running around the house grabbing emergency stuff for the girls and I. Then I grabbed both the girls out of their cribs (somehow at once, because there was no way I was leaving one behind in a tornado) and ran downstairs to the basement with them and the dogs!

After all was said and done our city was hit pretty good, but luckily it missed us. We did lose power though, and had no A/C or phone or cell service for about 17 hours but we made it through!

Thank goodness!

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