Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Phew......almost 26 weeks.

Well I am almost 26 weeks. This pregnancy is flying by! I know I am going to blink my eyes and suddenly it will December and my babies will be here! I have so much to do! Our second crib finally came in yesterday so Gary needs to put that together and I stil have yet to find curtains or a rug for the room not to mention anything for the walls. I need to wash all my cloth diapers and the babies clothes and put everything away. Ooh boy, so much to do and so little time. I worry constantly that I am not going to be ready or that I am going to forget to get something! Its all driving me nuts! Just the other day I realized my girls were "sockless"! Poor things! I can't believe socks never crossed my mind! So of course I ran out and got some socks for them but now I am constantly wondering what else I am missing?

So besides what I need to get done, I am feeling pretty good! I switched bed's and started sleeping in our spare room (sorry Gary) and sleep so much better in there for some reason, so that's helping! My back is a little achy after sitting in a chair all day at work but I guess that is to be expected considering the way I slouch all day! My feet start to hurt if I am on them too long too, I think they are just giving out under my 26lbs I have gained so far! Lol. They are not used to all this extra weight at all.....I have to say neither am I!

So besides a few aches here and there I feel good. Hopefully I continue to feel good. I don't want to end up on bed rest. Its my biggest fear for some reason! I just want to be able to work up until I have the babies! I feel like the second I start to give up mentally my body is going to give up physically and I can't have that so I plan on working as long as I can and getting through this like a normal pregnancy (whatever that's like???)

Also, I wanted to start making and freezing meals for when the babies come, goodness knows I am going to have no time to cook in between feedings, changings and trying to get a few minutes of sleep myself but I just can't bring myself to get moving on it. Part of the problem is when I would do it-which would be weekends we are camping and secondly we have no drop in freezer yet to start storing everything I could make. I am getting anxious worrying about food! Lol. I guess I could just live off of cereal if necessary? But I would rather have a good home cooked meal for goodness sakes! So if anyone feels like making me anything be my guest!! Lol.

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