Thursday, September 17, 2009

99 Days to go!

Well, its actually less than that I am sure but its still pretty cool! I am hoping its more like 79 days! Lol.

So yesterday I got my country save detergent and got all my CD's washed, set on the smallest setting and stuffed with their inserts. Now all I need is two adorable babies to put in them! Gary seems slightly sceptical on the whole cloth diapering thing. He pissed me off so bad yesterday that I threw a handful of inserts at his face at point blank range. Man that felt good. Anyway, I don't remember what he said or did except he kept saying he thought the idea of poop getting on the diapers was gross......I told him to shut the hell up and get used to poop because I am positive its going to end up on more than just the diapers! What I think I will do is not even bother busting out the cloth diapers until I have to send him off for a case of diapers every couple of days and see how long until he freaks about how much money we are spending on the diapers! That should work.

So, besides that I went through my closet (at midnight) and put into storage bins all my spring and summer maternity clothes that either don't fit me anymore or its too cool out now to wear. So, now I just need a second rod for the closet so I have more room for the girls clothes and then I need to clean out the linen closet and then the spare room closet and I will be all set on the "closet situation".

Tonight I am going to go home and wash the girls new bedding and all their preemie, newborn and 0-3 month clothes they have so far. While they are washing I will work on the linen closet with Gary.

All thats left to do after that is find some curtains, a rug, and some things for the walls and the nursery will be all set. I just want it done so I can start cleaning the rest of the house!!! I think the nesting has begun!

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