Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Work.......or not to work......

So, I am going to be 32 weeks this friday! Go Me! And I am still working! I must be a idiot! I have the option to work from home, I just dont feel like I would be as productive at home and it would be such a hassle! Ugh, I hate having to get up in the morning and get ready and then drive 45 minutes to work each morning but at the same time I feel like its whats keeping me going and feeling decent everyday! I dont want to sit around at home and work......some days I change my mind....and then say I am going to work from home and then I come in the next day and have a good day at work and actually like being here.....something is wrong with me! I figure I probably only have another 4-5 weeks of working anyway so whats the big deal at this point?

I am pretty sure its a pride thing.....I dont want to be "that pregnant person" if you know what I mean. I want to be the one that never complains, and never calls out, and works up until the day I have the babies! Why can't I just be the pregnant person that doesn't care for goodness sakes? Its like I want to be the legend, the one that all other pregnant girls after me hate because people will say "Well Erin was pregnant with Twins and worked up until her water broke"! Lol. Oh the standards I set for myself!!

I think a big part of it too is that I told myself from the start I was going to carry these babies with no problems and I feel like if I stop doing what I have always done and start to give up my body is going to do the same and they are going to come early!

Ugh. So, for now, I told my supervisor to set me up to work from home and I will play it by ear. Maybe next Monday I will hate work again and decide to work from home? Who knows anymore. Either way.....I'm working today!

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