Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Don't forget Daddy

I have been trying to cut back on the girls milk intake lately. They were filling up on milk and not eating as much during the day.

If they ask me for milk I tell them "I'm sorry, we're all out, Daddy has to buy more" and then they usually say" Apple juice then" and I tell them again "Nope, sorry, we're all out Daddy has to buy more" and then I trick them into drinking water!

This has been going on everyday for weeks now. Today as Gary was leaving for work Finley ran up to him to give him a hug and a kiss goodbye and said to him "Bye Daddy, Bye, Don't forget to buy milk!"

She's such a cutie! I'm waiting for the day she realizes I'm a liar.......I know its coming!

1 comment:

StaCey said...

which one of them did this? lol

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