Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Roomies once again

When we switched the girls to their toddler beds it became apparent, by Finley's insane screaming,  that she didn't appreciate Gillian being able to climb in bed with her whenever she wanted.

I ended up separating them and putting them in separate rooms. This was working out pretty good until this past week.

For some reason they both decided they hated bedtime and it became a HUGE nightly fight. I mean this was borderline hysterics for them and its hard to deal with two insane kids who are in separate rooms at the same time.

So in a exhausted morning stooper Gary and I were talking about the "situation" with their sleeping. I suddenly decided they needed to share a room again and before Gary knew what hit him I had him dragging Finley's bed back in Gillian's room.

Gillian has a full size bed and Finley a twin size bed. Had I known they were going to end up sharing the big bedroom again I would have gotten Finley a full size bed too but too late to think about that.

Either way it doesn't matter because they have been sharing Gillian's big bed since they moved back in together. Finley's bed has sat unused in its spot for the past week. The only issue we are having is they have got up in the middle of the night for the past 5 nights and refusing to go back to bed. I'm unsure if its because we were all sick and no one could sleep or maybe they are smooshing (technical term) into each other and waking each other up. The cold is gone and everyone (except me) can breath again so I decided to put a pillow in between them so they can't bump and wake each other, we'll see if that works.

If it doesn't I am going to try putting Finley in her own bed after she falls asleep. If that doesn't work I'm giving them away until they are sleeping through the night.

And don't even get me started on napping......Finley is dropping her naps and Gillian still LOVES her naps so this is creating a huge problem for me.

Usually I would make Finley go in her own room for a couple of hours for "quiet time" during nap time. I don't care if she doesn't nap, but she needs to wind down some. But now they are sharing a room I have no place to send her. I made her old room the playroom again. I tried putting her in with Gillian but then Finley torments her and she won't sleep.

They haven't napped in days. Today poor Gillian fell asleep at 4:00 on the couch and took a hour long nap while Finley helped me make blueberry cake.

Maybe I should put a little sleep sack and pillow in the playroom for Finley? Or a crib mattress on the floor for naps? Lost here. I need a little break in the afternoon for goodness sakes. I'm worried Gillian won't nap in her room anymore either because Finley won't be in there.

You know when I thought about having twins this was never an issue that crossed my mind. Its insane the things I deal with on a daily basis. Insane.


Trisha said...

Mine girls don't nap either...I make them go to their rooms with a book and they just play for the most part. Very rarely they will actually fall asleep. I thought it was too soon to drop a nap! Oh well! Do you have one of those little fold out kid couch things? My girls got some for Christmas (you can get them at Walmart for in the $20 range I think) and they actually love sleeping on them, and they are very portable. Might work for Finley during naps? I think that is so precious that they share Gillian's bed! We have these inflatable bed rails they sell at One Step Ahead, we use them to keep them from falling out of their toddler beds, but you could totally put one under the fitted sheet between the two of them, to separate them into their own "space" in the full bed? Okay, now I need tips on what to pack in my girls' lunches, they aren't eating what I send for them!!

Anonymous said...

I use kindergarten mats for nap time. Have Finley lay down, even if she doesn't want to nap. It's what they do at most day cares.

Heather said...

We're going to be moving the boys to big boy beds this April/May timeframe. I'll be curious to see how they prefer sleeping and if we'll have to put them in separate rooms.

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