Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Have you ever got the urge to punch an adorable black lab right in the head?

NO? Strange.You must not own mine.

Our dear sweet dog Harley LOVES to sleep in the beds when no one is watching. Problem is I hate dog hair, anywhere, but especially on my beds and he is shedding like some sort of a freak right now.

Yesterday I washed the girls comforters and this morning changed their beds. After I got done with the beds I vacuumed the upstairs and went to go put something away in Gillian's room and found Harley sleeping on her bed.

I scream "GET.OFF.THE.FREAKING.BED!" and the idiot doesn't even flinch! So I scream it again and still nothing. This is where the insane urge to punch a dog comes in....

Finally after yelling like an insane woman he jumps down and trots off to find a couch to lay on. I look at the comforter and it is COVERED in dog hair. (insert 2nd urge to punch a dog here)

What the freak man. What the freak. Now I have to wash the bedding again.

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