Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It always works out

So much has changed in the past month its unbelievable!

I've kept it no secret that I hated my job, and Gary and I had been toying with the idea of me staying home with the girls and quitting.

Well last month on January 2nd I lost my job. And I actually left there with a smile on my face! I have never been happier in my life to be unemployed! I was with that company for 8 years and unfortunately it changed owners 2 years ago and it just hasn't been the same since.

So I am happy to say I have been home with the girls for the past month and I love it!  I was worried finances would be a problem but as it turns out we are better off. Had I known it would be like this I would have quit years ago!

I guess everything happens when its supposed to though. For now I am enjoying being home with my girls and looking forward to the spring when we can get outside and really start enjoying our days!

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