Wednesday, December 21, 2011

First Dentist Appt!

The girls had their first dentist appointment today and I was pretty nervous about it.

We went to Kids Dental and they were awesome there though. Finley went first and was great. She opened her mouth when the hygienist asked her and let her count all her teeth, they brushed them and then put some fluoride on them. She has perfect teeth she said, no cavities!

Then it was Gillian's turn and I knew she would be more of an issue, she didn't cry or fight but didn't want to open her mouth for too long. She has fallen and hit her front teeth a few times and has some tiny chips in them. One of them looks a little bit discolored from behind but not from the front. She said that was from the trauma and it was normal. It probably won't get any worse and nothing has to be done about it as long as she doesn't fall on them again! She's very accident prone though so I'm sure at some point she's going to lose a tooth.

She also commented on how we need to get Gillian off her pacifier, which I've known for a while, but have been dreading it. Her front teeth are taking a toll from it. So that will be our next thing to take care of. I'm going to start that after the new year. No need to ruin our holidays for no good reason!

So besides that she had a great appointment too, no cavities either.

So tonight to celebrate our good teeth we're drinking hot chocolate and staying up late to watch movies!

Tomorrow is their 2 year Pedi appt! Will update how that goes.

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