Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All grown up

My babies are two. Its depressing. I can't believe how quickly the past 2 years has gone by.

I remember the feeling of confusion as we brought the girls in the house for the first time like it was yesterday. And here we are two years later and the girls are toddlers.

So much has changed over the past month. Its like I told them they were two and they instantly grew up.

Gillian is talking up a storm. She never stops. She says a handful of new words a day and is up to around 5 or 6 word sentences. She loves puzzles. I gave her a fish puzzle where you match the colored fish to their colored tails and without explaining it to her at all she dumped it out and put it back together right. She loves that puzzle and always go to it first, but if you ask her what any of the colors are her answer will always be "yellow." We're working on that.

She can count to 7 but almost always skips 2. She loves to color and is also getting into pretend play. I catch her feeding her babies or making Elmo walk when she's playing by herself.

She is such a sweet sweet girl, if she's playing with something and Finley wants it (and trust me if she's playing with anything Finley wants it) she will give it to her. If Finley is still sleeping she instantly asks where she is, she is just so sweet and cuddly.

Finley is just starting to talk, she says a few more words than she did and her longest sentence to date is "Harley ate it" which she told me after finding a wiffle ball with some of his teeth marks in it.

She thinks everything is purple and counts 1,2,9,6 no matter how many times I try to get her to say 1,2,3,4.....nope 1,2,9,6 it is.

She loves to dance and sing and her favorite song is Jingle Bells! I'm pretty sure she's going to be an actress.

She loves to build things too, Stacey got the girls some stacking blocks called wedgits and Finley plays with them everyday. It took her 2 seconds to figure out how they stacked and she hasn't stopped since. I wake up in the morning to a new tower everyday.

She loves to stack her lego's as tall as she is too, so tall that she has to get on her tippy toes to put another one on.

Finley also thinks that she can trade anything for something Gillian has. She wants Gillian's cup? She'll hand her a crayon for it. Wants her Elmo? Gives her a spoon in its place. The amazing thing is Gillian is okay with these odd trades? I think as long as she's getting something in return she's okay. I think its hysterical to see what Finley comes up with next.

Both girls are doing well in their big girl beds too, We put Gillian in a full size bed this past weekend because she is having a hard time falling asleep on her own. I'm not sure if she had a bad dream or is scared of the dark but she went from going right to bed to crying hysterically. After dealing with this for a couple months with Finley I know it will pass but until then its a pain.

So we put her in a full sized bed so I can lay down next to her until she falls asleep. Or should I say until we fall asleep? I'm good for at least an hour nap every night now. Thanks Gillian!

Finley is still in her toddler bed and needs to be moved soon. She sleeps with her giant Elmo and he takes up most of her little bed, I keep going in there to find her hanging off the edge. She suddenly loves bed time too. If I tell her its time she comes and gives me a big fat kiss and heads to her room where she closes the door on her own and goes to bed without fuss.

I'm looking forward to the day Gillian does the same!!

Finley is also my early bird, she's up every single morning at 7:10, no fail. I could set a clock by her. Gillian on the other hand would sleep until 9 if you let her.

So that's how we are doing for now. I can't wait to see what next month brings!

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Mim said...

It's sad and wonderful to see them growing up. I love seeing them learn but I miss the cuddly little babies they were.

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