Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!

So, today I am 13dpo and for all you non-trying to conceivers out there that is days past ovulation. I thought for sure after my crappy HSG this month I would be pregnant, but it appears or at least according to my pregnancy tests I have been taking for 6 days-I am not pregnant. I was really hoping to suprise Gary with it today. Anyway, I am still convinced I am pregnant. I mean I've been emotional all day, and usually spot before my period comes, but not this month. No spotting at all. That just has to count for something right?

Well, anyway, off the baby thing. Gary and I went out for dinner tonight. Last year we went to the same resturant and it was very romantic.......we were up in the loft last year with candles lit everywhere and the food was great. This year I didn't specify the we got a regular table on the floor and there was no special lighting or candles, just tables. Anyway, all of a sudden I found myself surrounded by the strangest people! To my left there was a strange transvestite (sp?) and to my right I swear to god there was Tom Green eating dinner with some freaky fat girl in a terrible dress.....but anyway, he looked just like Tom Green, so much so that I could see that no one around me could concentrate on dinner-only on the strange Tom Green looking guy with the big girl. Then there was a girl next to us who ordered chicken wings and she wasn't a danty chicken wing eater, she was the kind that stuck the whole freaking wing in her mouth and sucked it clean......ugh, made me sick looking at her. So, my husband I found ourselves laughing hysterically at everyone around us rather than finding any of this romantic. Oh well, guess you can't win them all huh?

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