Monday, May 7, 2012


First week of camping season started and we made it out alive! We did have a slight snag when Gillian started coughing so uncontrollably out of no where Saturday night she ended up throwing up all over Gary. Then she fell asleep and slept through the night. Thank goodness. Not sure what caused the coughing but I'm glad it passed quickly.

The girls were so excited to have their own room in the camper, they have always had their own room there but apparently this year it meant something to them. Their cousin visited for a little while and they had to show Ava their room. They played in it for ever. After Gillian threw up I decided to sleep in the bed with them and Finley was ticked when she woke up around 3 to find me laying beside her! And I mean TICKED!

She woke up, grabbed the blankets off me and started yelling "NO MOM MY BED-GET UP" over and over and over and over and freaking over again. It woke everyone up. She was whining and crying and not happy that I was sleeping with her.

I found it so strange since she begs me to sleep with her and Gillian at home? Guess while camping they are just too cool for their mom? Kinda made me a little sad, not gonna lie. I learned my lesson the next night and slept in my own bed. Away from their room.

So besides those 2 little things our nights were good and our days were better. They loved riding around on the golf cart, taking walks, waving at everyone they saw come by, hanging at the beach and eating smores! It was a fun weekend for everyone. I can't wait to go back this weekend.

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