Monday, July 27, 2009


AHHHHHHH! Well,we went on Friday for our anatomy scan and everything looked great the doctors said. And we found out we are having 2 girls! I seriously can't believe we are having 2 girls!! Gary looked like he wanted to have a nervous breakdown after they said the first was a girl, lol, he has accepted the fact their is no boy in there and I have accepted the fact this is gods way of saying I shouldn't have been such a bad teenager and nicer to my mother! I am sure its payback! Lol. But regardless Gary and I are thrilled. Seeing as we couldn't get pregnant at all for 3 years, we will take whatever we can get at this point! Plus just think how much easier shopping will be and doing the nursery will be! PINK!!!! I already started shopping and will probably not stop until they get here!

Also, on Friday my Mom felt one of the babies kick from the outside AND Gary felt the babies last night! So they are kicking like little maniacs in there!

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