Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bag of Hormones!

Ugh. Someone needs to calm me down! I am just a basket case lately! I could cry at the drop of a dime, I have cried at my desk 3 times already this morning for goodness sake.....OVER MY SKIN! It looks like hell. I am breaking out all over and feel like a 13 year old going through puberty! Only thing is I never had bad skin as a teenager! Ever. I dont think I can recall one pimple ever in High School!!!! AND NOW I AM COVERED IN THEM!!! I dont know what to do anymore but I know I am going to start by not looking in the mirror anymore!! I have started washing my face twice a day now and if that doesn't work I want a face transplant. This is horrible. I about to go upstairs and look for some makeup to put on this hormonal face of mine!!!

Besides that all of a sudden this weekend my right eye is freaking out when I try to put my contacts in, I dont know if I scratched it or pissed it off or what but now I have to wear my glasses to work. Now I look like a geek with bad skin!

Okay, seriously, gotta stop talking about it or I'm gonna cry again!

So, I have been trying to decide if I am going to cloth diaper or not and finally decided today that I am! I went online and got 3 fuzzibunz and they are sooo cute! I can't wait to get them to check them out!

Here are the ones I got today!

I am just in love with them! I also got on clearance that they dont have a pick of but its a pink gingham and hopefully as cute as the others! I am sure anything pink is going to be cute!

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