Thursday, November 8, 2012

Boom Boom Bang

"Boom Boom Bang" is Gillians new phrase this week. Not sure where she heard it or what it means but tonight she said to Finley "Hey Finley, Boom Boom Bang" (insert random singing of her ABC's)  M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T......then she screamed "ROCK THE BEATS SISSY"

Thats my crazy girl!

Their imaginations have been running wild lately. They are pretend playing all over the house and its hysterical to listen to. Gillian calls everyone "honey" when she plays and they are just starting to grasp the concept of sharing and actually playing nicely together. I'm in heaven.

I can actually get something accomplished when they are playing now instead of breaking up fights every 3 seconds.

Not only are they playing better but they are cleaning up after themselves. Double Score!

Finley is talking up a storm lately but I have to admit that some of it I have a hard time understanding. Gillian has taken it upon herself to be the interpretor. Which is fine with me. Today the girls said they wanted to see Santa and I asked them what they wanted Santa to bring them for Christamas. Finley said what I thought sounded like "a puple bancy fing" and I said "a what thing" and Gillian came running over and said "she said she wants a purple bouncy thing mom" and then ran off.

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